A Kadex Actor is used to control lighting, blinds and shutters. The control is completely wireless and is done from the Kadex Pro Server application. The Kadex Actors contain a hardware input to connect a switch wired, so the control can also be done manually. 


From the central Kadex Pro Server application, the Kadex Actor is automatically checked for correct operation.



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Roomlight Indicator

The Kadex Roomlight Indicator is a low voltage powered device which communicates wirelessly.

It is typically used to indicate an alarm status and 

contains the display colours red, green and blue (RGB).


The RGB LED is controllable by the Kadex Pro Server.

7 different colours can be controlled with 3 different flashing speeds. The RGB LED is visible up to an angle 

of 180 degrees. 

Actor 7-24Vdc

The Kadex 7-24V actuator is a low voltage actuator which contains 1 power relay. T

he device is mainly used for the following applications: 

  • Electronic gates
  • Hardware link external systems

Actor 5-24Vdc

The Kadex 5-24VDC actuator is a low voltage actuator and has 2 outputs and 2 inputs.

The device is mainly used for the following applications: 

  • Convert dry contacts to wireless
  • Control sun protection systems