The Kadex coupling modules have been developed for wireless coupling of contacts. As a result, non-Kadex equipment can also be integrated into the Kadex environment.

connect modules

Trackable Input

The Kadex Trackable Input is a 3-channel battery-powered alarm device which communicates wirelessly.

The module is also equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, making it suitable for indoor positioning. 


The trackable Input can be used for:

  • Alarming (building-wide)
  • Wandering detection/ prevention
  • Track & Trace
  • Domotics controls
  • Easy access control


Binary Input

The Kadex Binary input is a 2-channel battery-powered device which communicates wirelessly.


The Binary Input is used to transform dry contacts into 

a wireless signal.

Alert Box

The Kadex Alert Box is a low voltage 5-channel wireless receiver which can be connected directly to an existing nurse call system. 


The Alert Box has 3 contact outputs for the following applications:

  • Output 1: Device status contact
  • Output 2: Alarm puls contact
  • Output 3: Battery status contact