The wireless Nursing Call System (VOS) from Kadex offers you one integrated solution for; acoustic monitoring, alarm with escalation and the option of a speaking / listening connection. The communication is completely wireless, so you determine the desired position of the Nurse Call on site.

Unique properties:

  • Simple configuration
  • Wireless communication, only power required
  • Acoustic surveillance
  • Manual alarm with forward escalation option
  • Speaking / listening connection
  • Can be used intra- and extramurally

nurse call systems

Nurse Call

The Kadex® Nurse Call is used as an alarm generator and speak-listen module. 


By using wireless communication techniques (GSM for audio & 868MHz for communication), the Nurse Call only needs an external power supply to function.

The device is therefore very flexible and has a plug-and-play installation.


The built-in backup battery will provide the Nursecall power for aprox. 2 hours 

during power failure.