Configuration and ease of use are highly prioritized at Kadex.

kadex software

Graphical user interface - system integrator

Kadex equipment is configured centrally, graphically and in  real-time.

  • Easy to configure
  • Central (remote)
  • Create graphical scenarios using block diagrams
  • Interactions possible between all Kadex functionalities
  • Flexible
  • Infinite scenario possibilities
  • Real-time
  • Drag & drop functionality

Proactive system monitoring of all Kadex equipment.

Notifications from proactive system monitoring are clearly and graphically presente:

  • Online
  • Battery voltage
  • Wireless signal

Web server for displaying status and changing settings.

Visualization for smartphone, PC or tablet.


Compatible with other software packages

  • Kadex API
  • HTTP


User interface - employees

Kadex Android APP for smartphones

  • Receive, accept and escalate notifications
  • Room functionality management
  • Room status information
  • Real-time location information