Configuration and ease of use are high on the priority list at Kadex. The Kadex equipment is therefore centrally configured and proactively monitored for correct operation. Programming is done exclusively graphically with a real-time display. Also system messages are clearly and graphically presented.


Easy to program

  • Central (remote)
  • Graphical scenarios through block diagrams
  • Interactions possible between all Kadex functionalities
  • Flexibly
  • Infinite scenario possibilities
  • Real-time scenarios
  • Drag & drop functionality


Proactive system monitoring of all Kadex equipment

  • Online
  • Battery voltage
  • Wireless range


Integrated web server for status display and change settings

  • Display for smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Linkable with other software packages
  • Kadex API
  • HTTP


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kadex software

Kadex Software