Kadex Solutions

indoor positioning healthcare

Indoor positioning

living circels healthcare

living circels (XL)

manuel alarm healthcare

manual alarms

sensory alarm healthcare

sensory alarms

in/out room detection

in/out bed detection

fall detection

lightning and blinds

employee safety

access control

nurse call systems

wheelchair solutions

Unique properties of the Kadex solutions


Every Kadex component is proactively monitored for proper functioning, so that safety can be guaranteed. You don't have to worry about the technology, the technology checks itself and informs you fully automatically in the event of a problem.

Modular System

Functionalities can easily be scaled up or down, so that we offer the care solution that is needed at that moment


New construction, renovation or relocation?The products of Kadex can be installed wirelessly, which means that they can be used very flexibly.

Easy Management

The Kadex environments are programmed in real time and fully graphically. This significantly shortens implementation time and greatly simplifies management.


Kadex operates on the European standardized frequency; 868MHz. This frequency is insensitive to disturbances, energy efficient and provides a wide range.


Kadex develops unique algorithms for living circle applications, fall detection and indoor location determination.