Using data analysis, the third generation sensory monitoring is able to continuously present the status of a resident.

The necessary data is obtained by using wireless sensors. Using a smartphone or tablet, an individual profile can be configured that matches the needs of the resident. The moment there is a profile violation (for example more than ten minutes of inactivity in the bathroom), the system generates an alarm. The following messages and alarms can be generated:

  • Fall detection
  • Inactivity
  • Exit room
  • Out of bed
  • Restlessness in bed
  • Acoustic
  • In bed
  • Walking across room
  • In bathroom
  • Nursing available

Let us inform you about the possibilities.

Sensory alarms

Motion Sensor

The Kadex Motion Sensor is a battery-powered sensor which communicates wirelessly. By combining the detection fields of several motion detectors, the following functionalities are created: 

  • Enter room detection
  • Exit room detection
  • Inactivity
  • Fall detection (requires also a Bedsensor)

Reed Sensor

The Kadex Reed Sensor is a battery-powered device which communicates wirelessly and is used for door / window position detection.



Seat Cushion Sensor

The Kadex Chairsensor is a battery-powered pressure sensor which communicates wirelessly and can be used for:

• Chair accopied

• Chair not occupied

• Chairsore alarm

Bed Sensor

The Kadex Bedsensor is a battery-powered pressure sensor which communicates wirelessly and can be used for:

  • In bed
  • Sitting up/ out of bed
  • Restless behaviour detection
  • Bedsore alarm
  • Sleep pattern analysis