Using data analysis, the third generation sensory monitoring is able to continuously present the status of a resident.

The necessary data is obtained by using wireless sensors. Using a smartphone or tablet, an individual profile can be configured that matches the needs of the resident. The moment there is a profile violation (for example more than ten minutes of inactivity in the bathroom), the system generates an alarm. The following messages and alarms can be generated:

  • Fall detection
  • Inactivity
  • Exit room
  • Out of bed
  • Restlessness in bed
  • Acoustic
  • In bed
  • Walking across room
  • In bathroom
  • Nursing available

Let us inform you about the possibilities.

Sensory alarms

Motion Sensor

The Motion Detector is a battery-powered detector that communicates wirelessly (bidirectionally) at 868MHz.
By combining the detection fields of several motion detectors, the following functionalities are created:

  • in room detection
  • exit room detection
  • out of bed detection
  • in / out of bed detection
  • bathroom fall detection

Reed Sensor

The wireless Kadex Reed sensor is used for door / window position detection.

Seat Cushion Sensor

The seat cushion sensor detects whether a client is in his chair or not.
This detection is achieved by measuring the pressure exerted on the pad.

Bed Sensor

The Bed Sensor basically detects whether a client is in bed or not. This detection is realized by measuring the pressure exerted on the mattress.
False reports are hereby eliminated and client privacy is respected.
Linking the Bed sensor to the Kadex server application makes it possible data analysis are applied.

  • in / out of bed
  • anxiety detection
  • bedsore alarm
  • sleep pattern analysis